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27 Sep 17
Rolls Royce Phantom 8 Launch

On the 26th of September, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Singapore launched their brand new ultra-luxurious offering, the Phantom 8.

The highly exclusive invite-only event was presented in the Esplanade Annexe Studio to Rolls-Royce’s most discerning clients.

What we did:

In order to achieve the intimate & sleek setting that Rolls-Royce wanted, ETG tapped on our lighting designers’ experience to highlight the ambience. The usage of well-appointed spotlights and remote-controlled lamps were placed inside the car to achieve a glow-in-the dark effect, which added an element of drama to the unveiling of the Phantom 8.

The backdrop also consisted of 2 LED screens, which seamlessly blended well into the darkness. Accompanying the LED screens were also top-notch speakers that allowed for a wholesome audio experience for the guests whilst watching the launch video.