We at ETG are proud to be the official distributor and reseller of CatchBox in Singapore. 

A safe yet throwable cushioned box with a microphone inside to enhance audience engagement and to liven up Q&A sessions.

This not only allows for better engagement among the guests and higher participation rates, but it also acts as a great ice-breaking tool between both the speaker and audience at an event.

By incorporating it to your events, CatchBox can be passed around faster than a typical mic handler. This allows more questions to be answered within a limited period of time.

With smart features such as active auto-mute, the accidental pick-up of unnecessary noises are cancelled when it is thrown around whilst retaining a sharp sound quality.

Our inventory includes the Mod & Plus versions, with the Plus offering wireless charging capabilities. 

CatchBox Mod

It requires an external belt-pack transmitter to be placed inside the capsule, which will then be paired to an external receiver. The range of a Mod is up to 100m, ideal for conferences over 1000 pax held in convention halls.

CatchBox Plus

Elevate your CatchBox experience by owning the Plus. Combining the best of both worlds, the Plus comes with the ease of the built-in transmitter and a 100m range. This allows for maximum coverage with the ease of setting it up, ideal for events and venues of all sizes. 


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