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02 Feb 18
L-Acoustics x ETG

Our long awaited speakers from L-Acoustics are finally here!

L-Acoustics speakers are renowned for their technical prowess and superb clarity standards, which makes it the perfect addition to large-scale conferences and outdoor events.

What we’ve got:

With a stronger demand for more discerning auditory experience, we saw the opportunity to add the Kara speakers, SB18 & SB28 subwoofers and LA8 amplifiers to our inventory.

Apart from receiving our new toys from France, the ETG team were also fortunate enough to have a 2-day long hands on training with an official instructor. We were taught on how to use new software for the audio systems, rigging of the speakers and the operation aspects of it as well.

Do kindly enquire with us to have L-Acoustics speakers for your next event and be awed by it’s quality.

When it comes to ETG, we believe that hearing is believing.