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08 Mar 18
Singapore Airshow 2018

Last month, ETG was proud to be a part of the 2018 edition of the Singapore Airshow held at Changi Exhibition Centre.

The 6-day long event which attracted thousands of attendees was the 28th year that ETG has worked with the organisers since 1990.

Our involvement:

Understanding that safety comes first, the organisers tapped on ETG’s audiovisual expertise to provide a multi-camera setup that monitored the flight validation. The team then worked hand-in-hand with a group of veteran Air Force regulars to provide feedback and instructions to the pilots and their respective teams.

ETG was also fortunate to have our reliable partner and professional photographer, Bernard Seah who managed to capture a stunning display of photographs at the event.

With the 2018 edition completed, we look forward to the next Singapore Airshow in 2020.