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22 Mar 19
AIA Premier Awards Celebration

We wrapped up our fruitful week with one of the biggest events of the year thus far, the coveted AIA Premier Awards Celebration!

Held at the Fairmont Ballroom, over 1,000 attendees gathered for a night of celebration and recognition.

Our involvement:

Catering to the massive turnout, it is our utmost priority to ensure that each guest was able to view the content clearly no matter where they were seated. A 17m wide P3 LED screen spanned across the ballroom, accompanied by 4 Panasonic projectors that were placed at the sides and opposite ends. 

Our hardworking video and camera crew were on-hand to ensure the proper execution of content playback and recording throughout the entire night. 

ETG’s in-house lighting and audio departments hung their equipment on the trusses, with state-of-the-art lights and L’Acoustic speakers safely perched above the audience. With the adequate elevation, the lights ensured proper illumination whilst the speakers provided the optimal coverage for the event. 

Be it an event with over a thousand attendees to a private engagement below 50 pax, we at ETG believe in treating each event with the same level of discerning care and professionalism.