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12 Dec 18
Better coverage with our newest Intercom Systems!

As we wrap up our fruitful 2018, we looked at how we could improve our client’s event experience better. 

Understanding that there are no double-takes each time a show begins, time and communication is of the utmost essence. Therefore we at ETG have decided to invest in our latest toys, the FreeSpeak II Wireless Intercom System from Clearcom.

After much careful consideration, the FreeSpeak II is the clear choice due to its rave reviews and applications in wide-scale projects abroad. 

About the FreeSpeak II:

It is a five-channel wireless intercom system that is suited for large-scale or complex events. From our past experience, communication via walkie-talkies are subjected to interference which may hamper a show-caller’s instructions. 

In order to minimise the risk, FreeSpeak II uses next-generation wireless technology and transceiver modules to allow for better coverage within a large venue with multiple rooms. 

Fret not if this sounds foreign to you, basically our newest intercom systems keeps your team connected at all times. The belt-packs tap on multiple transmission points within a venue, with each point covering a huge range. 

Another winning feature about FreeSpeak II is being able to assign up to 4 individual channels. This allows the show-caller to delegate cues to the designated recipient and allowing for better communication. 

What we did:

To ensure that our clients have a peace of mind, we engaged our partners from Electronics & Engineering (E&E) to come down to give us a hands-on training. Not only is E&E the authorised dealer for FreeSpeak II, their team’s patience and expertise allowed our crew to have a fun and easy learning experience. 

Equipping ourselves with new skills and inventory, our ETG family is gearing towards for an exciting 2019!