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24 Mar 18
43rd AIA Annual Agency Awards 2018

A leader in the insurance industry, AIA recently celebrated their 43rd annual agency awards from the palatial Sands Grand Ballroom of Marina Bay Sands.

The 3-day long event was a combination of a gala dinner and two sessions of awards presentation to hundreds of financial advisors.

What we did:

Due to the large turnout and space, ETG ensured that each guest were able to experience the event comfortably throughout the ballroom.

Our L’Acoustic Kara speakers were hung from the ceiling and had an optimal coverage for every area of the ballroom. To make up for the distance, we also added a 18m * 4m LED screen. The vastness of it allowed guests at the back of the ballroom to view the content clearly.

Last but not least, the usage of top-of-the-range lights and gobos ensured the extra special touch for AIA’s marquee event.