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15 Nov 17
VForum 2017

Held at the 5th Level of the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, ETG is pleased to provide our partners the necessary technical support for the 2017 edition of VForum.

What we did:

Occupying the Grand Ballroom, we decided to take it up a notch by working with our partners to create the biggest LED wall that our team has worked on. The stunning display spanned over 42m wide and 5m in height, working it out to a total coverage of 210m². The LED wall was also curved at the sides to ensure a better viewing experience for the attendees.

To cope with the sheer size of the event, the team worked tirelessly to ensure that the audio and lighting experience were also in-line with the client’s demands.

The team’s professionalism and experience in technical support for conferences and events ensured that this year’s VForum was once again a rousing success.