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28 Feb 16
Singapore Airshow 2016

Formerly named as Asian Aerospace, the Singapore Airshow is a biennial event that attracts thousands of aerospace enthusiasts and leading industry players over a 6 day long event.

Since it’s inception in 1981, we at ETG are fortunate to be counted on as a reliable partner to the Singapore Airshow for the past 26 years.

Our involvement:

For the 2016 edition of the Singapore Airshow, ETG had a crucial role to play by ensuring the safety of the dazzling aerial display. The team’s expertise and equipment were tapped on to provide comprehensive multi-camera coverage for the monitoring of flights to ensure that they were flown within their allocated altitudes and boundaries of the airspace.

A challenging yet exciting event, the ETG team excitedly awaits the 2018 edition of the Singapore Airshow!