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10 Jul 19
DBS Market Outlook 2019

Once again, it is with great pleasure that we are able to serve DBS and their event needs.

Last week, the banking giant held their Market Outlook 2019 for selected guests at the Ritz-Carlton Singapore. With an approximate 700 guests attending over two days, financial insights and dinner segments were catered for the esteemed clientele. 

Relying on our expertise in conferences, ETG was entrusted to deliver a stellar event. 

Our involvement:

To provide a more rounded viewing experience, we added additional LED screens to the sides of the ballroom. The screens were constructed on top of platforms so that guests sitting at the further ends can view the content in a more comfortable manner. 

In terms of audio quality, we switched up our typical floor placement of the L’Acoustic speakers and hung them from the trusses. 

Apart from the audio and visual aspects, ETG also provided the lighting, camera work and streaming between the Grand Ballroom and Chihuly Ballroom located on the 3rd floor. 

By constantly providing a well-rounded suite of solutions, we cater to every need and constantly position ourselves as the trusted audiovisual provider in the market.