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11 Apr 19
44th AIA Annual Agency Awards

Capping off another event for AIA within a span of 3 weeks, we are pleased to present the 44th AIA Annual Agency Awards for the second year in a row!

On the 5th of April 2019, thousands of esteemed guests gathered at the Marina Bay Sands Grand Ballroom for a night filled with festivities and entertainment.

In order to cater to the large turnout and different segments, our crew had to bear in mind that the equipment used were ideal for both the speeches and entertainment portions of the night. 

    Equipment & Involvement:

    • Video and camera footage
      • P3 LED Wall spanning 26m wide * 4.5m high (117 sq m)
      • Barco E2
      • SONY HDC Cameras
      • Teleprompter system


    • Audio
      • L’Acoustic Kara
      • L’Acoustic SB18
      • L’Acoustic LA8
      • L’Acoustic 112
      • Yamaha CL5
      • Shure Microphones


    • Services
      • Technical consultancy and direction
      • Sound and audio engineering
      • Video and content playback
      • Live recording and camera coverage
      • Lighting design and effects

    Grateful to our partners involvement as well, we are humbled to present yet another event for AIA.
    With a dedication to professional event production, we look forward to next year’s edition of the Agency Awards!