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27 Sep 19
Ferrari SF90 Stradale Launch

0-100km/h in 2.5 seconds,

986 brake horsepower,

An estimated S$1.8 million price tag.

It’s not everyday we get to help our partner deliver the launch of the brand new Ferrari SF90 Stradale, so when the opportunity came last week we were glad to deliver a successful event for our clients and their invited guests.

Emanating from COMO at Dempsey, the evening event saw well-heeled guests treated to an exclusive evening of prancing horses and festivities. 

What we did:


To bring out the signature Ferrari red, our crew adorned the venue with dozens of lighting equipment on elevated trusses and over 80 LED Flat Par lights. The large amount of lights was necessary to accentuate the new cars and to provide a lush red ambience. 


As the event was held in an outdoor area, we relied on the trustworthiness of Turbosound speakers to overcome the loss of sound to the surroundings. In addition, ETG catered for the CDJ equipment for the DJ belting out tunes for the night. Shure microphones were also used and the media were able to tap on our 24channel press box. 


The launch video of  the new Ferrari Stradale SF90 was first shown on a 7.5m * 3m LED wall. As the video shows the Stradale SF90 making it’s way to the venue, it is then cut to our live camera footage hoisted on a crane (known as the Jimmy Jib) to provide a stunning overhead shot of the car arriving on the premises. 

The shots were also interspersed with Sony cameras capturing different angles in order to create a well-rounded viewing experience. The event also featured a significant amount of content which was managed by our Barco E2 & EC200, which are top of the range screen management hardware. 

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