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17 Aug 17
Dell EMC Forum 2017

The Dell EMC Forum 2017 was a day long event hosted at the Fairmont Ballroom, one of the largest hotel event venues in Singapore which sits up to 1,800 pax.

What we did:

This huge amount of space was both an exciting and challenging task for the team. Thankfully, the team’s professional expertise in technological hardware allowed us to pull off the event successfully alongside with the client.

One of the main highlight of the forum was the usage of a wide backdrop for projection screens and branding visuals. In order to ensure an unobstructed view of the stage, the ETG team worked tirelessly to mount 4 rear projectors behind the backdrop to give the attendees an optimum viewing experience.

Catering to the entire crowd, ETG also provided cameras and numerous speakers. This allowed for better viewing and a crisp sound to guests that were sitting at the far corners of the vast ballroom.

To put the finishing touches, our lighting department used gobos and various lighting effects to  break free from the conventional mold of atypical conference.